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Connected Communities

Providing Affordable Housing Residents with Unfettered Access to Digital Opportunity in Massachusetts

Connected Communities explores strategies to close the digital divide in Massachusetts through targeted investments in affordable housing developments. Prepared by MassINC in collaboration with the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP), the report builds on the 2022 MassINC-MACP digital equity action plan with a deeper look at the unique opportunities and challenges for these efforts in the affordable housing context.

The analysis and near-term policy recommendations contained in this report are intended to help affordable housing leaders, officials in the Healey-Driscoll administration, and members of the legislature maximize the impact of unprecedented federal investment in the commonwealth’s broadband infrastructure.

In 2021, MACP's Innovation Committee identified digital equity as the committee's primary focus area. With this direction, MACP engaged MassINC to conduct further research on closing the digital divide in Massachusetts. This report builds on that work.

Connected Communities Working Group 2023.png

Affordable housing and digital equity experts met in June to help inform the Connected Communities report.

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